Wall 2017

Wall 2017

Top 32 to finals from Formula Drift New Jersey

With that spin out Odi Bakchis WINS the Title over Mike Essa at #FDNJ! Make sure to catch all Formula Drift action on Network A!

Because of Matt Coffman's car trouble, Odi Bakchis moves into the Final! It will be Bakchis vs Essa in the #FDNJ Final! You won't want to miss it. Make sure to catch the Final #Live here: http://bit.ly/2rN1K5V #SendIt

Odi Bakchis takes the victory over Fredric Aasbo to advance at #FDNJ. #FinalFour begins shortly, Watch the live stream now on Network A” http://bit.ly/2rN1K5V #SendIt

Halfway through the #Great8 and Kristaps Bluss and James Deane are getting after it at #FDNJ. Watch the live stream now on Network A http://bit.ly/2rN1K5V

The start of the #Great8 is off as Michael Essa goes against Dai Yoshihara at #FDNJ. Catch the Great 8 #FDNJ live stream now on Network A http://bit.ly/2rN1K5VGreat 8 #SendIt

After an appeal, and two OMT races Odi Bakchis OFFICIALLY gets into the #Great8! Watch the next round #LIVE from #FDNJ: http://bit.ly/2rN1K5V #SendIt

With that spin out Jeff Jones moves on to the Great 8! The Top 16 has wrapped up but you can still catch the rest of #FDNJ streaming live now on Network A” http://bit.ly/2rN1K5V #SendIt

Matt Coffman moves on to the #Top8 at the #FDNJ. Use the link to get all of the #LIVE #Drifing action! http://bit.ly/2rN1K5V #SendIt

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