Tanner Foust

Listen, we get it. You can't always watch everything live, especially on the weekends. In that spirit, feast your eyes on full Top 32 highlights round 2 of Formula Drift Atlanta, which went down Saturday evening in Road Atlanta. Trust us, this one is worth a watch, even if you already know what happens.

Watch Alec Hohnadell best Tanner Foust in Formula Drift Atlanta Great 8s.

Tanner Foust and Kyle Mohan smoke some serious rubber in their Top 32 Formula Drift Atlanta match up.

Rusty? Don't bet on it. Tanner Foust starts his first Formula Drift appearance of the season with solid Run 1 score of 80.

A new installment of #FDConfidential asks Formula Drift​'s top drivers what their pump-up song is Hint: Wu-Tang Clan​ ain't nothing to you-know-what with.