Vaughn Gittin Jr.

Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Fredric Aasbo challenged what we know of drifting on this night at Road Atlanta. Was this the most insane happening in FD ever?

Fredric Aasbo and Vaughn Gittin Jr. always seem to turn in epic battles at Road Atlanta. Check out this awesome iteration from two years ago, which saw Vaugh Gittin Jr. walk away with the win .

Relive all the insanity from round 1 of Formula Drift 2016, which went down this weekend in rainy Long Beach, California. Needless to say, things got nuts once the track dried and the green flag dropped.

Watch Chelsea Denofa best Vaughn Gittin Jr. in Formula Drift Long Beach Great 8s.

Vaughn Gittin Jr. takes on Jeff Jones in a horsepower-heavy Top 16 match-up.

Watch as Vaughn Gittin Jr. battles both Robbie Nishida and his 900-HP Mustang in a slippery Top 32 at Formula Drift Long Beach.

From "Mad" Mike Whiddett to Matt Field, hear Formula Drift's established pros and up-and-coming stars talk about their goals for the 2016 season.

On the latest episode of Drift Garage, Formula Drift drivers Chris Forsberg (who's British accent is alive and well) and Ryan Tuerck continue their quest to build a missile car (aka a beater drift car) for under $5,000.

Forsberg and Tuerck straighten out the frame and rip out the interior with the help of some dry ice, which if you're under 18 you might need your parents to buy for you along with your porn. But most importantly Forsberg and Tuerck swap out the old, shitty motor with a newer, less shitty, factory 240 SX KA 24DE-T engine and add some horsepower with an Isis Turbo Kit—the most cost effective way to add horsepower to your drift car.

The two drift drivers also provide a ton of pro tips in this one. The one that everyone should commit to memory is that when you're tired of working on your own missile car go steal your friend's. Forsberg and Tuerck are lucky enough to be friends with Vaughn Gittin Jr. so that makes things more fun.

Number one qualifier, Vaugh Gittin Jr., gets a run for his money early in Top 32, with last year's Pro2 champ, Alex Heilbrunn, pushing him to a wild OMT showdown.