Chris Forsberg

Fredric Aasbo takes down Chris Forsberg to earn his second win of the 2016 Formula Drift season.

Vaughn Gittin Jr. tapped the wall and that was just enough for Chris Forsberg to pounce and take his place in the Formula Drift Montreal Finals alongside Fredric Aasbo.

It was close, but Forsberg just edged Ryan Tuerck to head to his third consecutive Final 4 at Formula Drift Montreal.

Alec Hohnadell and Chris Forsberg just turned Formula Drift Montreal up a notch with this incredible Top 16 battle.

Chris Forsberg looks strong once again, taking down Jhonnattan Castro in Formula Drift Montreal Top 32.

Formula Drift won't be back for another month, so ease the pain with this post-show recap of an epic round 4 at Wall Stadium Speedway in New Jersey.

Vaughn Gittin Jr. takes down his best friend, Chris Forsberg, in an epic Finals showdown at Formula Drift New Jersey.

Chris Forsberg has been one of the most consistent drivers in Formula Drift this year, and he kept that momentum going all the way into the Final 4 at Formula Drift New Jersey.