Odi Bakchis

Fredric Aasbo is headed back the Finals following this precise performance against Odi Bakchis.

There was nothing separate Forrest Wang and Odi Bakchis the first time through Great 8, so they'll go ONE MORE TIME.

Odi Bakchis and Cameron Moore face off in Formula Drift Montreal Top 16.

Odi Bakchis continues his string of solid performances with a win over "Mad" Mike Whiddett at Formula Drift Montreal.

The second overall qualifier, Odi Bakchis, falls to 2013 champ, Mike Essa, in Formula Drift New Jersey Top 16.

Missed the insane (and controversial finish) to Formula Drift Orlando? Go easy on yourself. It's OK. We all make mistakes. Thankfully we're here to help with full highlights—from Top 16 down to the final battle—for your binge viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

Watch two of the best drivers in the game—Odi Bakchis and Ken Gushi—square off in Top 16, with nothing but an OMT to separate them.

Listen, we get it. You can't always watch everything live, especially on the weekends. In that spirit, feast your eyes on full Top 32 highlights round 2 of Formula Drift Atlanta, which went down Saturday evening in Road Atlanta. Trust us, this one is worth a watch, even if you already know what happens.