Monroe 2017

10 episodes

And James Deane takes home the #FDSEA Title!!! See you in a few weeks from Texas!

That mistake by Odi Bakchis will send Fredric Aasbo into the Final of #FDSEA! He will be taking on James Deane in the Final! You won't want to miss this so watch it LIVE RIGHT NOW!!!

James Deane and Dai Yoshihara battle in the first race of the #FinalFour of #FDSEA! Who do you think will make it to the Final? Don't miss out on all of this great drift action LIVE here:

Fredric Aasbo is into the #FinalFour after he takes down Justin Pawlak in their Great 8 duel! It is really heating up out here at #FDSEA! You will not want to miss the #FinalFour action so click here to watch LIVE:

James Deane beats his teammate Piotr Wiecek to start off the Great 8 and move on to the #FinalFour! Make sure to catch all of the LIVE drifting from #FDSEA right here:

Fredric Aasbo is the final addition to the Great 8! He defeats Jhonnattan Castro and moves on at #FDSEA. You do not want to miss any of the the great drifting action coming up! Watch Live here:

Crazy race between Ryan Tuerck and Justin Pawlak at #FDSEA! Justin was able to advance to the Great 8 thanks to this run. Don’t miss a run; watch here:

Dai Yoshihara is moving on to the Great 8 after he takes down Mike Essa! Don't miss any of the LIVE #FDSEA drifting action watch here:

Starting the Top 16 with a BANG! First race of the Top 16, Dan Burkett goes into the wall against James Deane at #FDSEA. Watch LIVE:

Jhonnattan Castro wins the duel against Chris Forsberg after their 2nd OMT run. That is the end of the Top 32, Top 16 LIVE Coverage for #FDSEA will be back at 8:30pm EST: