FD Confidential

FDConfidential is back with some of your favorite Formula Drift drivers! On this episode, the guys tell us who THEY think is the best driver on social media. Who do YOU think it is? Leave your pick in the comments section! #FDCanada

FDConfidential is back and Formula Drift's top drivers tell all when asked about the first car they got lucky in. Let's just say their love for cars may extend beyond the car itself.

We flagged down some of Formula Drift​'s top drivers discuss their race day superstitions. Needless to say, these dudes love their lucky underwear...

A new installment of #FDConfidential asks Formula Drift​'s top drivers what their pump-up song is Hint: Wu-Tang Clan​ ain't nothing to you-know-what with.

Join us as we kick off our new Formula Drift interview series, #FDConfidential, by asking the best driver's on the circuit: Who's this season's wild card? The answers may (or may not) surprise you.